James Biscardi is a young ambitious professional photographer and videographer with his sights set on constantly bringing the greatest quality and creativity to the commercial market. 

Photography has been his life passion since he was in middle school, and after graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design with his B.F.A. in Photography in the spring of 2011 he shows no signs of slowing his creative momentum, always on the lookout for the next big project. 

Travelling worldwide he is constantly building his commercial and fine art portfolio, and he is also focusing on refining the video side of his career; shooting, editing, and color correcting for bigger clients everyday. Some of his most recent clients being National Geographic Lindblad Expeditions, Dole, Creative Recreation, Insight, Stihl, and Reach Out Worldwide.

For bookings and general inquiries reach out via email:  James.Biscardi@gmail.com

Click here to download a copy of his resume.


Here's a look at where James is at and a hint at what he's shooting right now: